The JamOnRy Story

Welcome! My name is Maureen Kelley and I am the owner/fabric-collector/idea-generator/maker of JamOnRy.  The Etsy shop of the same name was established in 2013 by my daughter, Dietrich, to create and sell hand-made bandana bibs so that she could stay at home with her son in his early years. When my grandson, Ryland (hence the “Ry” part of the shop name), started school and my daughter went back to working outside the home, I gradually assumed ownership of the shop.

When COVID hit and my ‘real job’ went the way of the Dodo, I found myself focusing more and more on the shop.  Somewhere along the line, my inventory grew to more than 3,000 different fabric designs and I realized that I needed to expand my creative horizons beyond bandanas.  So, I learned to sew something other than straight lines and I’ve added other fabric merchandise such as reversible tote bags for shopping or the beach or the gym, child-size bags for library visits or kindergarten goodies, small drawstring bags for birthday and shower favors, Christmas stockings, Easter Baskets, minimalist Fabric Wreaths, reusable Fabric Napkins, and aprons (both gardening and cooking).  

In addition to the Esty shop, you can visit or like us on Facebook (jamonry) or Instagram (@JamOnRy).   I’ve also recently had the honor of joining a group of talented, dedicated, charming, and fun fellow makers/crafters/creators at Station No. 5 in Bradford Woods, PA.  I would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me at